Our management services

Our property management service is carried out professionally and efficiently and is designed to minimse rent and property management issues.Managing properties is our core service offered and one which we excel in. Our maintenance team deal with issues ranging from plumbing, electrical,carpentry, property maintenance to roofing emergencies. We manage properties for landlords with one property to investors with multiple properties throughout Leinster.

Our policy is to deal with all property management issues proactively

Rent Collection

Organise and setup of the standing order for electronic transfer of rent to the landlords account.

Resolve any rent issues which may arise during the course of the lease period.

Administrate a 14 day legal rent arrears notice in the event of a default in rent from tenants.


Compile a complete Inventory of Furniture and Fittings for inclusion in the letting agreement.

Produce an end of tenancy comparison report of the property inventory conditions and contents

Our Inventory is designed to minimise end of tenancy property condition disputes.


Conduct a thorough inspection of the property carried out quarterly.

Produce a written inspection report if required by the landlord.

Outline any damage to the property furniture and fittings during inspections.


Maintenance & Repairs

All tradesmen are fully qualified and insured to carry out maintenance on your property.

All repairs will be carried out speedily and efficiently by our professional maintenance team.

We provide 24/7 emergency contact number to tenants preventing further damage to the property


Point of Contact

Swift Lettings will be the first point of contact with the tenant on rent and property management issues.

We provide mediation service in the event of a dispute arising with tenants in the property.

Prompt action on all issues raised by tenants during the tenancy on rent and property issues.


Preparation of monthly statements and invoices from tradesmen to landlord at the beginning of the month.

End of year tax returns for overseas landlords to keep your tax affairs up to date.

Property management and maintenance costs are fully tax deductable.